Custom Alternate Art Cards for X-wings Miniatures Game
*Please note that these are to be used in addition to the official FFG cards.

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Star Wars X-wing Second Edition Cards
Upgrades Series 1
18-Card Set

Includes: Maul, Kanan Jarrus, Darth Vader, 0-0-0, BT-1, Agile Gunner, Advanced Sensor, Fire-Control System, Supernatural Reflexes, Heightened Perception, Instinctive Aim, Fearless, Trick Shot, Composure, Afterburners, Homing Missile, Barrage Rockets, Moldy Crow

Second Edition REFIT Cards
Special Refit
3- Card Set

- Pure Sabacc
-Tomax Bren
- Rexler Brath
Almost gone

Triple Faction Bundle, 54 Cards!
Includes: Rebel 18-Card Refit Set, Empire 18-Card Refit Set & Scum 18-Card Refit Set

Regular Price: $207
Bundle Price: $147
SAVE: $60!

Bundle Price: $147
Rebel 18-Card Refit Set
Kanan Jarrus, Chopper, Lothal Rebel, Miranda Doni, Cassian Andor, Han Solo, Fenn Rau, Ezra Bridger, Nora Wexley, Lowhhrick, Hera Syndulla. Warden Squadron Pilot, Jake Ferrel, Corran Horn, Dutch Vander, Chewbacca, Blue Squadron Pilot, Dash Rendar.


Empire 18-Card Refit Set
Deathfire, Darth Vader, Countdown, Soontir Fel, Rho Squadron, Omicron Pilot, Inquisitor, Whisper, Sienar Specialist, Countess Ryad, Colonel Vessery, Rear Admiral Chiraneau, Delta Squad Pilot, Planetary Sentinel, Wampa, Obsidian Pilot, Grand Inquisitor, Echo


Scum 18-Card Refit Set
Asajj Ventress, Fenn Rau, Old Teroch, Contracted Scout, Dengar, Bossk, Talonbane Cobra, Guri, Black Sun Assassin, Dalan Oberos, Zuckuss, Palob Godalhi, Captain Nym, Sol Sixxa, Lok Revenant, Boba Fett, IG-88B, Torkil Mux


Seventh Sister
Halloween 2018
Limited Quantities
Special Edition Card
Almost Gone

Lando Calrissian
Special Edition Card
Limited Quantities

Wave Eleven
(Inferno Squadron)
• Del Meeko
• Iden Versio
•  Seyn Marana


WAVE X 3-Card Set
Wedge Antilles, Luke Skywalker and Thane Kyrell



Han Solo (Scum)

Event card 18 card pack

Event Cards available to Stores and Tournament Organizers, Local Leagues and other special events.

For use as prizes and give aways.

BLOW OUT! $35/pack

X-wing Second Edition Damage Decks

Special Edition Damage Deck


2.0 Damage Set
Empire Deck, Rebel Deck & Scum Deck


2.0 Empire Damage Deck


2.0 Rebel Damage Deck


2.0 Scum Damage Deck


Star Wars Legion Cards BLOW OUT SALE
Wave One
(4 Cards)

Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker,
Stormtroopers, T-47 Airspeeder


Blow Out

Stormtroopers $16
Blow Out
Imperial Assault Wave One Sets BLOW OUT SALE
Imperial Assault Wave One
4 Card Set
Boba Fett, IG-88, Bossk, Dengar
Limited Quantities

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